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The Witch Behind the Cauldron

 If you're on this page, I appreciate your interest, truly. Unfortunately, I must confess, I'm not exactly fascinating. I'm just a mom, trying to figure out what to make for dinner every night. And in my spare time I make stuff. Of course, I can't possibly keep all of the cool, weird stuff I make. Thus, it is my goal to exchange some of my creations for monetary gain, with intent on purchasing more art supplies with said money.

I've always loved art and making things, making sure I took art classes all through high school as well as art related classes in college. I lost my employment right before the pandemic, and like many people, I found myself worrying about being unemployed while my child was attending grade school virtually. As if 2020 wasn't shitty enough, I was diagnosed with breast cancer right as the new school year began. I continued to create, as an outlet for everything I was going through. I had to put on my 'mom face' every day, but art gave me something positive to focus on.

A year after my diagnosis I decided to see if anyone was strange enough to want all of the things that were piling up in my studio. I never, in a million years, thought that I ever make jewelry, let alone be able to call it "art"! I don't really care about sales. I just enjoy making things, and working on my website, making the silly tiktoks, and exploring my horizons.

At the moment I am healthy and NED (no evidence of disease), and enjoying life more than I have ever before. When I'm not making stuff, I'm usually gardening with my beloved pets and family, or playing video games while watching random documentaries or cartoons.

In support of me are my amazing daughter and fiance\hubby. Quality control inspections are usually supervised by one of my two cats. The dog is a total slacker. She sleeps all day and makes no attempt to judge me or my activities. Freeloader.