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New Year's Post 2024

As you can see, our website is back up, but it is an absolute mess! Please bear with me as I take the time to adjust inventory and all of that fun stuff as I try to do it outside of my full time hours at my new job. Anyway, Happy New Year!!!

So much has happened last year that I'm so grateful for! The community has showed such an overwhelming amount of support, encouraging my creativity, it's often brought me to actual tears. It's past time for me to really, truly begin believing in myself. Especially after the growth we've had this year. In 2022 we did 3 events. In 2023 we did 15 EVENTS!!! Including our first (and second and third 😅) multi-day events! This year I've overcome fears, learned to trust in myself, and so much more! 2024 will be the most magical year yet!

I've announced the 6 events we have planned for 2024 so far on our Facebook page, and will be slowly updating the site over the next few weeks to reflect these updates! As many of you know, I needed to take a break from the website for a while in order to focus on local events, but if you take the time to visit our website and read the updates, you are the reason I couldn't stay away! :D Much Love and Blessings in the New Year!