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It's a New Year!

It's a New Year! I cannot believe how much support I've received in the last year as I began this new adventure! If you'd have told me before all of this that I would someday sell my art, I never would have believed you! From the bottom of my black little heart, thank you SO MUCH!

This year I want to grow even more, as a person, artist, business owner, all of it! As of this blog post, I already have two events booked for the 2023 year and am super excited! 

On top of CQC business, I also have a lot going on in my personal life this year. As many of you know, I stepped up to battle breast cancer in 2020/2021. And after two very long years I finally have my final reconstruction surgery scheduled for Valentine's Day 2023! Unfortunately, this will mean I will be unable to work in my studio for a couple of months, but I refuse to let that stop me entirely!

Our first event of the year will take place at the Independence square at the farmers market building on February 11th, 9am-6pm!

Our second event will be a few weeks after my surgery on March 11th, 9am-5pm at Prarie Fire Elementary for Project Grad!

Stay tuned for more information and more events!